TOEFL SKILL (Structure and Written Expression) Skill 2

TOEFL SKILL (Structure and Written Expression)

Skill 2


2)Structure Question: Skill 2 (Object of Preposition)
An object of a preposition adalah noun (kata benda) atau pronoun (kata ganti) yang terletak setelah preposition (kata depan), seperti in, at, of to, by, behind, dan on yang befungsi membentuk sebuah prepositional phrase.
(English Version)

The trip (to the island) (on Saturday) will last (for three hours).

Kalimat diatas berisi tiga buah object of preposition; Island sebagai object of preposition dari to; Saturday sebagai object of preposition dari on dan three hours sebagai object of preposition dari for.

Padsa Structure Section TOEFL Test, object of preposition bisa membingungkan karena banyak yang menduga bahwa object of preposition adalah subject dari kalimat tersebut.
To Mike ____ was a big surprise.
(A) really
(B) the party
(C) funny
(D) when


Dari kalimat diatas, harus dipahami bahwa Mike (noun) bukalah Subject tapi object of preposition dari To.
Subject dari kalimat diatas tidak ada, sedangkan Verbnya adalah was.
Karena yang dibutuhkan adalah Subject, maka jawaban terbaik adalah (B), the party. Sedangkan (A), (C), dan (D) salah karena mereka bukanlah Subject.


EXERCISE 2: Each of the following sentences contains one or mor e prepositional phrases. Underline the subjects once and the verbs twice. Circle the prepositional phrases that come before the verb. The n indicate if the sentences are correct (C) or incorrect (I).

___   __ 1. The interviews (by radio broadcasters) were carried live by the station.

___   __ 2. (in the last possible moment)(before takeoff) took his seat in the airplane.

______  3. At the neighborhood flower shop, flowers in quantities of a dozen or a half dozen                                            can beb delivered for free

______ 4. The progressive reading methods at this school are given credit for the improved test scores.

______ 5. For the last three years at various hospitals in the county has been practicing medicine.

______ 6. In the past a career in politics was not considered acceptable in some circles.

______ 7. Shopping in the downtown area of the city it has improved a lot in recent years.

______ 8. At the building site the carpenters with the most experience were given the most intricate work.

______ 9. For the fever and headache took two aspirin tablets.

______ 10. The report with complete documentation was delivered at the conference.

Kunci jawaban exercise 2

___C___ 1. The interviews (by radio broadcasters) were carried live by the station.

___I___ 2. (in the last possible moment)(before takeoff) took his seat in the airplane. (kehilangan subject)

___C___ 3. (At the neighborhood flower shop), flowers (in quantities of a dozen or a half dozen) can

be delivered (for free). (

___C___ 4. The progressive reading methods (at this school) are given credit (for the improved test scores).

___I___ 5. (For the last three years) (at various hospitals) (in the county) has been practicing medicine. (kehilangan subject)

___C___ 6. (In the past) a career (in politics) was not considered acceptable in some circles.

___I___ 7. Shopping (in the downtown area of the city) it has improved a lot (in recent years).

___C___ 8. (At the building site) the carpenters (with the most experience) were given the most intricate work.

___I___ 9. (For the fever and headache) took two aspirin tablets. (kehilangan subject)

___C___ 10. The report (with complete documentation) was delivered (at the conference).

Yang digaris bawahi merupakan subject kalimat. Yang digaris bawahi dan di hitamkan (bold) merupakan verb dari kalimat. Yang di beri kurung merupakan prepositionla phrase. Prepositional phrase yaitu preposition + object of preposition. Misal saja pada no. 1 kita lihat “by radio broadcaster.” by merupakan preposition sedangkan radio brodcaster ialah object dari preposition “by.” Jadi “by radio broadcaster” merupakan prepositional phrase.

By :Winda Hartati Sirumapea

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